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Celene Opale Blanc de Blancs Brut – Crémant de Bordeaux

Celene Opale Blanc de Blancs Brut – Crémant de Bordeaux


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Blanc de Blancs

AOC Crémant de Bordeaux 

Harvest: hand-picked

Vinification: traditional method, second fermentation in bottle, natural yeast

Ageing: 18 months in our natural limestone galleries

Blend: 60% Sémillon / 30% Muscadelle / 20% Sauvignon

Tasting notes: Aged for 18 months. Delicate, sensible, with aromas of white flowers and exotic fruits, a paradox between subtlety and character. 

To be served between 5°C and 8°C in an ice bucket.

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Weight 6 kg

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