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Celene Bordeaux Creation Frédéric Costella Céline Lannoye Francoise Lannoye


Celene Bordeaux


Celene Bordeaux was born from the merger of the historic Crémant de Bordeaux winery (formerly Ballarin) and the Lannoye vineyards.
The latter are made up of three estates on the right bank of the Garonne and located in the appellation Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux, Puisseguin Saint-Émilion, and Saint-Émilion Grand Cru.

We are fortunate to work both with sparkling wines synonymous with renewal and modernity; and with traditional wines in recognised Bordeaux AOC wines. Adopted from Bordeaux, we are committed to respecting the winegrowing heritage of a region with a worldwide reputation, but also to adding our personal touch, while always listening to our consumers. Our key words are identity, quality and authenticity. We like to leave the codes: our wines must express all the richness of their terroir. The key to a successful wine lies for us in its capacity to challenge by its organoleptic signature and style : the alliance of the good and the beautiful.

Frédéric Costella

First heralding memory of my wine career

I remember during family diners we used to open a bottle of « old wine », it was taking the place of the ordinary week wine. This bottle was the center of many comments and discussions. Since then, I have wanted to understand this mystic product at the center of table discussion.


- Oenologue/ Food science engineering
- Manager of a Domain in Jurancon
- Buying manager for the company Rigal (Advini Group)
- Director of Cave du Marmandais
- Associate Director at Celene since 2016

People who have influenced my career history

Since my first engineering internship with the negociant Ginestet, Mr Bernard Laurent convinced me to pursue a career in the industry. He made me understand that technical knowledge added to passion could make wonders in the wine industry.

My philosophy

In sport, private life or business, I am always looking to surpass myself. I want to give the best without any regrets.

Céline Lannoye

Globetrotter, passionate about horses, music and dance.

« Passions are the winds that swell the sails of the ship, they submerge it sometimes, but without them it could not sail. »


First heralding memory of my wine career

I remember saying to my girlfriends in elementary school : « my mother wants to make wine, I am going to live in a castle ! » At this time the word castle meant a princess castle, I was very surprised to discover a « castle » in the winemaking meaning.


— Master in Global Management, KEDGE Bordeaux
— Seller at Chan's wine world USA
— 2010-2014 : Marketing and Communication Manager at Cave du Marmandais
— 2015 : General director at Celene

People who have influenced my career history

The first person who has influenced me is my mother who made me discover wine. I also have been influenced by Chan Cox and Michel Thibault who have taught me the retail business and how to be consumer orientated. Finally Frederic, my associate and old boss, with whom we share the taste for surpassing ourselves.

My philosophy

Wine challenges monotony, I am discovering and learning new things everyday, a permanent awakening and dynamic job. I like new challenges, I am always looking for some new projects keeping in mind that I have to offer the best to my clients.

Francoise Lannoye

Adventurer, engaged in the defense of wine growing and in the promotion of Bordeaux wine. President of the appellation Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux.

« All human life flows between desires and their realizations. »

Arthur Schopenhauer

First heralding memory of my wine career

When I was a teenager, my father was bringing me during his business trip to the Landes region, in the vineyard of Bordeaux. It is at this time that I decided that I will become a winemaker.


- Graduate in Accountancy from the school IPAG
- Managing assistant in a circuit board company
- Takeover and development of my father real estate business with my husband.
- Winemaker since 2001

People who have influenced my career history

In Bordeaux, François Despagne was at my side at the beginning of my wine adventure. I learned a lot thanks to his advises.

My philosophy

What seduces me every day in being a winemaker is the fact that there is no truth. Every year we have to put ourselves in question depending on the vineyard evolution and climatic conditions. It takes guts, you cannot be scared to fail in front of new challenges.

All our vineyards

Discover Château Ambe Tour Pourret, Château Lanbersac and Château Moulin de Clotte.

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